24 Hour Monitoring

Complete, Round-the-Clock Protection

An emergency can strike without warning.

A burglar gains entry into your home or business. A short circuit spontaneously ignites into a suffocating fire. A member of your family, or employee, or even you, suffers a medical catastrophe. The need for assistance is immediate and urgent. And you're on your own . . . unless you have the advantage of 24-hour central station monitoring.

Within seconds of your alarm, a trained dispatcher has responded by alerting police, fire, or medical response teams to your home or business. Precious time has not been lost to panic or confusion. Help is on the way.

Immediate Emergency Response

Central station monitoring plays an important role in providing the peace of mind you receive from your security system.

Our central station has made a commitment to professional personnel and the latest technology that results in the highest standard of service to you.

We are continually updating our equipment and procedures and work closely with you to make sure we are meeting your specific security and safety needs.

We are confident that you will benefit from the professional protection provided by your security system and 24-hour central station monitoring. And, we encourage you to contact us if we can be of service in the future.

Behind Every Alarm System is the Central Monitoring Station

Whether you rely on your alarm to monitor fire, burglary, medical or environmental emergencies, you can rest assured knowing your home or business is under the constant, watchful eye of one of the nation's largest central stations. Utilizing sophisticated computer technology, our monitoring specialists can identify your incoming alarm signal, determine the nature of the emergency and dispatch appropriate response teams. to your protected premises . . . all within seconds of your initial alarm activation!

Professional Dispatchers . . . Professional Results

Our dispatchers are professionals at handling all types of emergencies. They are trained to respond quickly, accurately and confidently. And to stay current with innovations within the industry, they receive regular, on-going training in technical advancements and security procedures. With the support of our on-site supervisors, they are the foundation of our effort to guarantee your alarm will be handled with the highest priority and utmost efficiency.

We've Earned the Mark of Dependability

Our central monitoring station was designed in cooperation with emergency response and regulatory agencies to provide effective, uninterrupted protection 24 hours a day. We are listed by Underwriters Laboratories and approved by Factory Mutual, meeting their highest standards of excellence. We have an automatic, back-up generator system in the event of a power failure that is constantly maintained and routinely tested. And, of course, we maintain nothing but the tightest security for our own facility. These and many other features ultimately protect our ability to protect you.

A High-Tech Sentinel That Never Sleeps

Fast, dependable alarm monitoring and response is the key to effective 24-hour protection, and our central station incorporates the latest in technology to meet those goals. When an alarm is received, our automated system immediately processes the signal, instantly updates your file and provides the dispatcher with complete instructions and information concerning your emergency. All responses are recorded on tape automatically.

Incoming phone calls to the central station are answered in two rings or less by our phone operators. This allows your call to be directed quickly and efficiently to the dispatcher handling your alarm. Our computers are dual redundant . . . if one computer fails, the other picks up the signal without missing a beat.

And to insure that your alarm never goes unanswered due to outside forces, we are linked directly to the telephone company via underground telephone trunks. Coupled with satellite communications and long-range radio, our high-tech umbrella of protection remains intact and ever-vigilant.

The Result: Peace of Mind

In any type of emergency, it's nice to know you're not alone. Through our monitoring network, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that we are always here ready to respond.

Cellular Monitoring

Don't own a landline in your home or business, or worried your landline could be cut to disable security and gain entry? If this is the case, you need a cellular module. Our cellular module provides a path for your alarm to reach the central station as instantly and effectively as a landline connection would. Because your address is connected to your account and equipment, the central station operators still process all the information necessary to get you the help you need.

How Secure is Your Security System?

If you own a landline, your installed security system has a vulnerability: Your phone line is on the outside of your protected premises. It's easy for thieves to cut it and disable your security system. Did you know that if your phone line is cut, your alarms don't reach the central station? They don't know anything has happened which means the authorities are not notified.

Security systems have two functions: detect a problem and communicate it. No one would install your security system on the outside of your home or business, yet that's where your phone line is. Wireless alternatives to the phone line have been unreliable or cost prohibitive until now.

Finally . . . Affordable Secured Alarm Monitoring

Landlines are not always reliable. Thieves with wire cutters have access to your phone lines before they break in. There's been a storm, the lines are down, all circuits are busy. Construction mishaps cause phone outages.

A cellular module solves these problems by ensuring your alarm is communicated to our central station via cellular. This service uses the cellular phone system, but it communicates on the secure digital part of the network, so no busy signals or dropped calls. This patented technology means unsurpassed reliability and the lowest hardware and airtime charges.

Cellular module can be quickly installed, and there's no change in the way you use your security system. It also has no effect on any existing cellular service you may have.

Secure your monitoring with digital cellular communication. It is the lowest cost and most reliable system you can buy. And there's no separate bill from a cellular company.

You bought a security system so help would come when you need it. Make sure that it does with digital cellular communications from Ron Duckson Security Systems.

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